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#LetMeTellYouAboutRonan -the story of Ronan through his sister Nikita.

Ronan was 16 when he was stabbed, seconds from home, by teenagers who thought he was someone else.

He suffered devastating injuries and died on the street where he lived.

Ronan lost his life and his teenage killers were jailed for life for his murder.

Ronan’s family are bravely helping us to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife. They firmly believe if someone had reported the boys who stabbed Ronan, he would still be alive today.

#LifeorKnife – the choice is yours, is a resource for you, parents and teachers in the West Midlands

Our campaign explores the consequences of knife carrying.

Get information on how to report knife crime anonymously and discover where you can anonymously dispose of knives by finding your local knife bin.

Learn how to talk to your child about knives and how you can get a knife crime presentation delivered in a school.

Just 30 Seconds can change a life - The choice is yours