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#LifeorKnife the choice is yours. Explore the consequences of carrying a knife and impact it can have on your future.

A convicted murderer’s message to YOU

Sadam was just 15 when he and a friend murdered a 24-year-old man and seriously injured another in Handsworth, Birmingham, in May 2015.

Sadam used a knife taken from his kitchen drawer. A knife he admitted, he never intended to use.

He was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 19 years in prison.

From prison, Sadam talks about the life-destroying consequences carrying a knife had.

I went out will a knife, but not trying to attack people. You never ever think you’re going to kill someone.

“So basically there I was walking literally to the shop. 30 seconds later, my whole life is different. That moment changed my whole life, for the worst.

The making of this video has had no impact on Sadam’s sentence.